Automatic Fib Levels from All-Time Highs

Using the Show Plot tool, it’s possible to automatically plot various levels on the chart, eg 50% of the all-time high, or 38.2% and 61.8% Fib levels [as per this Bitcoin example].

In the Script Editor window, enter a name and save the following as an indicator in the same view, changing the plot colours and linestyles as required. This will then be added to your toolbox.

plot1 = V1;
plot2 = V1 * 0.5;
plot3 = V1 * 0.618;
plot4 = V1 * 0.382;

plot1.Colour = Green;
plot1.Linestyle = Dash;

plot2.Colour = Red;
plot2.Linestyle = Dash;

plot3.Colour = Blue;
plot3.Linestyle = Dash;

plot4.Colour = Blue;
plot4.Linestyle = Dash;


You can also use the same concept in scans or a watchlist to show when these levels are crossed, eg. when crossing the 38.2% level from the high:

CLOSE() Crosses (HIGHESTHIGH(RANGE=All Time)*0.618)