Average of Gann Planetary Lines

According to the knowledge base description https://help.optuma.com/kb/faq.php?id=869, average of more than 2 planets can be displayed.


  1. I tried but the Average mode only allows selection of 2 planets.
  2. When I define 10 as price units for average of 2 planets, say for DJIA index, it will change automatically to 5 instead.
Please advise.


Hi May,

Thank you for your post.

The GPL has been updated in the current beta and not all of the articles have been adjusted to reflect the new changes. The Planetary Average option of the GPL will only allow the selection of two planets. The article has been updated now to reflect this.

I’ve replicated the Price Unit issue reverting to 5 now and have logged it with our developers for review.

Then, what is the alternative way to display average of more than 2 planetary lines?

Hi May,

The only option for 2 planet averages at this time is to select Mean of 5 or Circle of 8 from the Planet Averages option:


As the Circle of 8 and Mean of 5 are fixed with the planets used for calculation, I am unable to select which planets for averages.

When will the issues on Average Mode expected to be fixed? Can I select 3 specific planets for their average after fix or still stick to 2 planets?

For scripting of midpoint between 2 planets, “PVAL(PLANET=[avg(Jupiter,Saturn)])” does not work until after fix of Average mode?

Hi May,

I removed the ability to add more planets for the time being because on review the calculations are not correct. The issue is that averaging multiple angles is very tricky, it is not just add them up and divide by n.

Two planets is fine, but adding more is a real problem as the average jumps when one of them passes 360 degrees.

On further research I have found that using vector math is a more reliable way to do this. Imagine 3 angles as vectors and join them nose to tail. Then draw a final vector from the start of the first to the end of the third. The angle of that final vector is the correct average angle.

That’s easy to draw, but a bit harder to code. Fixing this is waiting for me to get time to look at this. In the meantime I have turned off adding more than 2 planets.

Hope that helps


Thank you for clarification, Mathew.

As you know, a newly released book by Ms. Connie Brown shows a lot of charts produced from Optuma. This is mentioned in one of the topics.

Hi Mathew - I came across the above discussion when looking at averaging planetary lines for multiple planets.

Just wondering if a coding solution remains on the project list?

All the best

Hi Andrew,

Yes, it is on the list but I have a couple of other projects which will take the majority of my time at the start of this year.

All the best