Back tester not testing script correctly

G’day team,

Hopefully an easy one to solve.

I’m trying to run the Back Tester (BT) utilising the Gann scripts detailed in the forum post here.

The Script is funtioning correctly, the problem I am finding is that the BT is not entering the trades at the execution of the signal; it enters and exits at the opening price of the bar even though the signal hasn’t triggered yet. Refer to the trade entry picture for details.

BT settings attached also.

I suspect I need to add an additional condition to the BT.



Not all scripts are compatible with a Back Test setting of Signal for Entry / Exit. You would most likely need to adjust the scripts so the value you want for the entry is defined.

If you can send the back test file to support (and reference this forum post) we can take a look in more detail. The back test file should be found in Documents - Optuma - Local - Searches - Back Test