Backtest Trade Result Open As Watchlist


I have been told that there is an update going on in back tester. Is it possible to add a feature to open the trade result as watch list along with entries and exits marked as arrows in the chart. So that all these charts can be verified manually by applying watchlist layout.

For Example each time i open the stock individually and then manually add. If its a watchlist it can be done easily. I have attached the file which i am doing manually as of now.

I hope i am clear in my request.

Chart-04-10-2020-19-59-04.pdf (351 KB)

Hi Deepak,

No that is not easily done. The issue is that we will not have the trades available in the watchlist. We can do it from the TradeList in the backtester because when we open the chart we can send the trades to the chart at the same time.

One possibility may be with a tool - but I will need to look at that when I can start that work.

All the best