Backtester Signal vs Nextday

If I am using the back tester to test signals using the EOD data feed from Optuma, is the “Singal” (under test rules) EOD or Intraday?

For example: If my entry criteria is: close() > MA(50)

would the signal be at the close? Would “signal day close” actually be the close of the next day?

Many thanks

Hi John,

When set to Signal it will be the intraday price the when the signal occurred. To verify, click on the Trade List tab of the results, and double-click on any trade. This will open a chart showing all the entries and exits, so in this XLK example mousing over the entry arrow for July 19th 2022 shows the trade was taken when the cross occurred at $132.87 (add the 50MA to the chart). If the trade rules were set to Signal Day Close it would have taken the entry at $135.10.