Backup of all configurations, scripts, etc.

From time to time I have to re-install my Windows OS. I have a number of ways that I protect my system such as a firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware and a virtual sandbox; however, configuring Optima is a lot of work and I want to be sure that everything is backed up with nothing left out. This is so that when I re-install Optima that the configuration recovery is effortless. Please advise me on this.

Hi David,

There is a backup system already integrated into Optuma. By default backups are made on a weekly basis but this can be adjusted to daily if need be. The location of the backups can also be set to a custom folder, including cloud drives such as Dropbox or Google Drive for additional protection.

For more information on the backup process please refer to the following article:

If you need to install Optuma on a new system you can restore access to your saved work / settings using the backup system: