Is there a way to backup my scripts in human readable format. The “backup” function archives the scripts.xml file which isn’t useful to reproduce the scripts if I have a system failure. I can cut and paste to a text file (which is what I am doing), but I’m am wondering if there is an automatic way built into Optuma?

Thanks. Andy

Hi Andy,

No that’s not possible as all scripts are in .xml files. Note that with the upcoming release of 1.5 you will be able to export the scripts individually or as a group, rather than in just one scripts.xml file. This will allow you to share your scripts with other Optuma users more easily.

We are in beta testing for 1.5 so contact Support if you would like to upgrade and give it a go now (here’s what else is new in 1.5).

Thanks Darren. You guys are always on top of things.