Bar Charts - Bar Width as Chart is Expanded

Hi Team,

I’ve noticed that when I expand bar charts in Optuma, the on screen space between the bars increases and the bar width remains the same. i.e. it is a relatively narrow vertical line. In the old MA2 by comparison, the bar width increased as the chart was expanded. i.e. the line got “fatter”, which made it easier to identify inside/outside and up/down bars by colour, at least for this colour blind user.

This could just be a personal preference, or maybe others have experienced something similar. A screen shot is attached showing an approximate comparison. (The screen capture doesn’t show it exactly as it is but it gives an idea.)


Optuma-Bar-Chart-Width.docx (56.9 KB)

Have you tried increasing the ‘Line width’ of your Bar Chart to 2 or more?

I use a width of 2 for greater clarity in charts.

Thanks for that tip. The chart appearance is improved in some cases using a width of 2, although not when the bars are closely spaced.