Bar Number Function

Hi Guys,

We have useful script functions like BARCOUNT and BARDATE, but what is missing is BARNUMBER.

BARDATE is pretty useful in that it allows us to calculate the number of calendar days between two signal bars.

If we had BARNUMBER we would be able to calculate the number bars between signal bars.

Bar numbers are available in Optuma Pascal, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to provide it in the Scripting module as well. Maybe as an addition in Optuma v1.5.




Hi guys, I have also had a need for the barnumber() function as described above and would be grateful if it could be developed. I have tried to use work arounds but nothing is working to basically count the number of bars from the listing date and I’ve needed this functionality for a number of formulas.

Can you please let us know whether this is possible and the ETA please?

Thanks again and kind regards,


I agree this would be a helpful feature. Thank you, Mike

Hi guys, is there any news with developing the BARNUMBER function? My equations do not work in many cases because I have no way of working out the actual Bar number.


Please advise. Thanks