Breadth below index



i made my custom breadth for DAX.

i plot the breadth alone without problem:

2019-09-02 22.30.19


i want to include it below the chart of the dax below the rsi,

i do not what to choose in the menu. there is a breadth data tool but i do not manage to configure it to tell it to use my custom ad ratio on dax:

2019-09-02 22.31.06


how can i do ?


You can use the Overlay - New Window feature to achieve the result you’re after.

Open a chart for DAXX, right click on a blank area of the chart, go to the left side Overlay icon and in the menu displayed select New Window:


Enter your breadth code into the symbol selector and press Enter, the chart will appear below the primary DAXX chart:


For more information on chart overlays please refer to the following page:

Very nice!


2019-09-03 09.45.00