Breadth Date In A ShowView tool

Hi. Using the Breadth Data tool, New 12 Month Lows for the R2k reads 14. When I try to access the same data using a Show View tool, the value does not match. I am following the prompts when scripting and have wound up with the script:

BREADTHDATA(INDEXGROUP=R2K, BREADTHTYPE=Russell 2000 Breadth - New 12 Month Lows)

Please see the attached picture. The Breadth Data tool returns 14, while the Show View returns 94. What am I doing wrong?

At the end of the day, I am trying to calculate 12 Month Highs - 12 Month Lows.

Thank you

I went back to spot check and try a few other breadth settings.

SPX works perfectly with the Show View matching the Breadth Data tool for several of the Breadth Types.

None of the Breadth Types seem to match when using the R2k, DJI, SP15, and SP4.
Also, when scripting in the Show View trying to access the Breadth Data for SPY, the prompt only offers 6 options.

Hi Louis,

We are investigating an issue with the BREADTHDATA() function so in the meantime please use the GETDATA() method:


On the 24th there were 52 new 12 month highs and 14 new lows, giving a net of 38 in the Show View:


Thanks so much for your quick reply Darren. Awesome to know the GETDATA() method can access breadth data. Thank you again.