Bubble Chart

I would like to create a bubble chart for the HSI index constituents with below 3 components such that I can see those heavily weighted constituents’ oscillators performance at a glance:

X Axis = RSI

Y Axis = Stochastic

Size = Fund weight

I can do the two Axis.

However, when I do the script for Size using DATAFIELD(), the Field list somehow does not show “Fund Weight” in the Standard session. Instead, it only shows Bid and Ask. I have imported successfully the Fund Weight via a csv file for these constituents following the video https://optu.ma/iki67. When I open the csv file as a watch list and add the Fund Weight as a column, it did show up properly in the watch list.

So I tried to import the csv file again but not following the video this time. Instead, I import the “Weight” column as an External Data Field following the video https://help.optuma.com/kb/faq.php?id=712. Hopefully, I can still use DATAFIELD() and select “Weight” from External Data Field. But the import this time is not successful as it shows nothing in the Weight column in the watch list. Not sure why.

Kindly advise.

Hi May,

If you used the same name for the EDF there maybe a conflict. I’d suggest importing the file but give the column a different name than your first attempt. This should allow the import to work successfully.

If it does not please send a copy of the CSV file to the support team via the ticket system.

Still does not work. CSV file sent via ticket system.