Can someone help pls I'm after a script

Hello I'm looking for a script for a signal of a Pinocchio / Pin bar please. I've had a look in the forum can't see any.

By itself and Ideally if it could be added into these two hi / Low scripts

1. PivotHi = PIVOT(MIN=6, DIR=Both, TYPE=High); PivotHi >0

2.PivotLo = PIVOT(MIN=6, TYPE=Low, DIR=Both); PivotLo <0


Hi Paul,

Thank you for your post, please refer to the following thread (pinned at the top of the scripting section) with regards to requests for scripts:

You can work on building the script with the help of the free resources available here:

If you build a script but it isn’t giving you the exact results you are after, please post your example script here and we will provide some suggestions. Alternatively we do offer Scripting Consultation services: