Can't use my scripts as columns in watch lists

Hi Optuma support,

A picture is worth 1000 words…

Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 8.14.27 pm

Here I’m trying to add a new column to a watchlist. As you can see in the ‘Script Manager’ pane in the above screenshot, I’ve got several scripts that I’ve created. However, when I try to add a new column (see the right hand side of the same screenshot), only one of my scripts (Gann3PtMove) is presented as an option to populate the column I’m trying to create.

Why aren’t I able to use any of my other scripts as columns in a watch list?

Additionally, none of the “Default Scripts” (you can just see ‘ADX DM- Crosses above ADX’ at the bottom of the ‘Script Manager’ pane, but there’s many others) are showing up as options I can use to populate the column, which also seems strange. That’s not an issue for me, but may be a symptom worth noting.

Thanks in advance

David Mitchell

Thanks David - the reason is that not all scripts are appropriate for a watchlist column. Basically you can add any Boolean (true/false) condition eg CLOSE()>MA(BARS=50), or a value, such as RSI(BARS=14).

In your screenshot the example you show is for a tool that outputs 3 plots on a chart, which can’t be shown in a watchlist column. So to show the 50% level in the watchlist you would need to create a new script:

(HHIGH + LLOW) / 2


Hi David,

As a side note to Darrens reply, also note the Scripts section in your screenshot acts like a Most Recently Used list, it will only show scripts that you’ve recently applied to a Watchlist as a column.

To see the full range of available scripts to select you need to click on the New button and select Script Column. This will open your full script manager, where you can select any available script you have (including our default scripts).


Thanks Mathew and Darren,

Just to close this out, I found that I can pick the one script that’s visible on the “selection screen” in my diagram, which will then create a new column that uses that script. I can then right-click on that column, select “Edit Script” and select the script I really want to use in that column.