Changable Square Factor for Jenkins True Trend Line Harmonics

Dear Sir,

I use the proprietary tool "Jenkins True Trend Line Harmonics".

In the current properties settings there is no setting to change the "Square Factor". The "internal" calculation in Optuma is fixed to the value of "2".

I want recommend having a changable/customizable properties settings for the "Square Factor" like in the Jenkins tool "Jenkins True Trend Line".

Thanks again

Thanks Thomas. As this is a proprietary tool used under license from Michael Jenkins we are unable to change the properties without his permission. We will send him the request and see if he agrees to the change (you may also wish to contact him via

I also purchased this tool and I purchased all of his book, but I didn’t find any mention of how to use his chart tools that I now have with Optuma. Can anyone tell me where I can find instructions about how to use them, because Jenkins won’t tell me after I sent him an email about this.

Hi David,

I no longer use the Jenkins tools. They were not what I expected.