Chart Element


I have a feature improvement recommendation for the “Chart Element” tool.

In watch lists it is possible to coloring changes that are greater or smaller than “0” with different colors using the “Custom Labels” tool.

It would be great if the feature “Custom Labels” would also be available in “Chart Elements”.

With the feature “Custom Labels” in “Chart Elements” it would be possible to create a “performance status bar” beginning e.g. at the top left corner of the chart with all the custom performance measurements like “Net Change”, “Change (%)”, “YTD%”, “1-Mo %”, “6-Mo %”, “52-Week Drawdown”, “Relative Performance to an Index” etc. AND if the performance indicators were greater than 0 then they would have the color green and if they would be smaller than 0 they would have the color red.

Having this colored performance measurements would give a fast glimpse about the performance history of the index/stock without using a watch list.

I know of course that it is possible to create such a “performance status bar” with the current features of “Chart Elements” but with the colored performance measurements the “readability” of the “performance status bar” would be greatly enhanced.

Since in watch lists the “Custom Labels” feature is already available, the programming efforts should not be so great to implement this feature also in the “Chart Element” tool.



Hi Thomas,

I’m not sure if it will do all that you need but have a look at the Analysis Tile tool. Chart Elements were always meant to be a simple way of adding Fundamental Data to a chart. The Analysis Tiles are more advanced.

See this page

All the best


Hi Mathew

thanks for your message. I agree with you of course that the Analysis Tiles is much more advanced.

But I only want colored numbers (green or red) of the performance measurements - like in watch lists - nothing more.



I think for us the easier project will be to make Analysis Tiles have a “Style” property where you can choose to colour the background or the text. I’ll talk to the developers about it.

Hi Mathew,

you know that issue better than I. If you think having Analysis Tiles with a “Style” property than it is surely the best choice.