Chart Position Hold Last View

Chart Position Hold Last View

I like many others I am sure use a lot of different charts over different time frames for studying.

I spend a lot of time setting up my workbooks each time I open Optuma to the last time frame and chart that I used before.

So each time I go to my workbook, I have to go back and set up each chart to the exact time and window that I used last time that I was in that workbook.

This is a colossal waste of time as it is a mundane task that must be performed each time. Seems to me that this is a simple task that should be performed by the system itself and not manually “each time”. I have used other systems with this function and in my opinion with the quality of Optuma I would expect that feature easily.

I would like to request that Optuma have a feature selection to >>>

“Hold Chart Positions and Time” to Last Chart Selected/Used.

Very Simple in my opinion, yet Very Important.


Hi Aaron,

Can you please send in a support ticket on this as this does not sound right. Please include example screen shots of how you closed the workbook and how it looks when you open it. The support team will need a copy of the workbook too.

I suspect that this can be solved with layouts, but we need to see the exact problem to be sure that layouts will solve it.

All the best