chart settings

Happy Friday!

I haven’t been able to determine a way to get chart settings - specifically

a) new charts opening as a candlestick chart (opens as a bar)
b) when i create a watchlist and link it to a chart, I’ve manually set the price display format to four decimals… but when i flip to another symbol in the watchlist it reverts back to none, one, or two decimals.

i’ve “saved settings as default” but it doesn’t hold…

any suggestions?

Hi Joshua, When you adjust your settings on a chart, right-click on the chart, then click on the running man, then save the setting as default.

It should resolve your issue.



With item a, there are two options, by default the F3 key is set to open a bar chart, this can be adjusted via Settings > Shortcut. Remove the F3 shortcut from Select Security, and add the F3 shortcut to the Candlestick chart option.

Alternatively, if you are using Chart Layouts, you can go to Settings > Workspace > Charts and select your Candlestick layout as the default option. Any newly opened charts will use that layout by default.

With item b, decimal settings are set on a per code basis, this is done to ensure a Watchlist / Chart combo can be used across multiple codes at once (ie you can cycle through a WL containing, Indices, Stocks, Futures and FX pairs, and have the price scale show the required decimals). Currently, there’s no global way to override the price scale to a specific decimal amount.