Chart View - Hold Last Position Selected

Chart Position Hold Last View

I like many others I am sure use a lot of different charts over different time frames for studying.

I spend a lot of time setting up my workbooks each time I open Optuma to the last time frame and chart that I used before.

So each time I go to my workbook, I have to go back and set up each chart to the exact time and window that I used last time that I was in that workbook.

This is a colossal waste of time as it is a mundane task that must be performed each time. Seems to me that this is a simple task that should be performed by the system itself and not manually "each time". I have used other systems with this function and in my opinion with the quality of Optuma I would expect that feature easily.

I would like to request that Optuma have a feature selection to "Hold Chart Positions and Time" to Last Chart Selected/Used.

Very Simple in my opinion.