CMT level2 What is wrong with me?

Hello guys, i really need help!

i did cmt level 2 exam and retake - both failed.

I scored exactly the same number for both exams, 99 answer correct. Missing only 6 correct answers to succeed.

I bought wiley book (2017) and also i have CMT 2017 Test Bank level II and Optuma Course Level 2.

The thing is.. i dont know what to do. I have had almost memorized all answers from test bank.

Send you (attached) all my % scored for your comments and tips, anywthing. What should it do to improve?

Does anyone know another bank of questions to study?



8336373-05232017013754-1.pdf (27.6 KB)

sorry you failed. You really need to understand this stuff as opposed to memorizing it. Asking Mathew questions is really the best way to learn stuff. That is the major benefit from taking this course. I asked him a lot of questions and probably made him nuts. But he answered them all and made me understand what everything meant. Also a lot of the answers on those practice tests are wrong which you should be able to detect.

Post some examples of what you need help with.


Also, try Alexey Financer Training. I haven't personally used Optuma, so I couldn't say. I also think a lot of this is just spending time in front of charts and selecting the best answer possible. I felt like I could have failed level 2 this year and passed with 85%. It is tricky.

One thing that really helped me to pass CMT II was to create a Word document as I went along as there were so much repetitive information and I needed to make sense of it myself. When you create your own summaries you are forced to do some thinking when constructing sentences, etc. It is time well invested and you will also benefit from it in CMT III (and you can build on it in your work later). Good luck!