Colouring Rows in Watchlist



I would like to know whether it is possible to colour the rows in a watchlist.

My trading strategy buys the top 10 ranked stocks, ranked by the highest ROC down and sells once they fall out of the top 15.

So, I have an ROC column set up in my watchlist and it is sorted from the highest down, I would like to somehow automatically colour the top ten and then the next 5 in a different colour.

Any ideas on how I could do this?

Thank you.

Hi Merrilee,

Unfortunately it’s not possible to colour rows, only columns. Instead, you could manually add Header Rows by right-clicking on the top row of the watchlist and select Insert Header Row and name it eg Top 10, then add another on the 11th row and give it a name (note: this will not work for lists linked to a Symbol List - it has to be unlinked).


You can then right-click on the column and select the Summary Type for that column, eg Count, or Average which will be displayed in the header row for each group:


Thanks for your reply Darren.

I had already played around with that header option, but I really need it to be linked to a scan.

I don't suppose I could create a new column and have it number 1 down somehow?