Commitment of Traders (COT) Report

Does anyone know how to / if it’s possible to program the COT Net Positions report into Optuma?

Hi Jeff,

We now have COT Data available which you can add by logging in to your account page:

Scroll down to the Data section to add it to your subscription, as per this webinar video.

When you restart Optuma you will have access to the COT Data tool which will add the Commercial, Small, and Large Speculators to the chart. Click here for more info.


Awesome. Thank you, Darren! I appreciate it!

Hi I'm following up here. I am now able to access COT data, but not on all commodities. For example, I haven't been able to load COT data for Corn, Soybeans, or Heating Oil. On some commodities, like Cocoa, I have had to actually close the chart, open another commodity in which I know COT data will load, and load COT data for Cocoa in that one, then reopen Cocoa and then COT data for Cocoa will load. And always, on every commodity, the default COT data is for Wheat, and then one has to change it from there.

Is there anything we can do about these issues?

Thank you!

Jeff Glass