Composite Index (CI) by Constance Brown

Hi Mathiew,

I’d be great if we could tweak the parameters in the CI.

For example I use the following ones:
RSI length: 14
RSI MA Lengh: 3
SMA length: 3
Fast Length: 9
Slow Length: 49

The signals are triggered earlier than the Optuma’s version.


Hi Marc,

This is tricky because when an author creates an indicator, we can not change the way it works without their permission. While I agree that the discreet control would be nice, that is not my call to make. We would need Connie to agree to that and give permission before we would be able to make any changes to the tool.

All the best


Hi Mathew,

Optuma allows to tweak MACD or RSI settings. I am just asking the same possibility for the CI.

Other platforms allows it. The original formula is designed to identify divergences. The settings I use are better suited for buy/sell signals.

Thanks and best regards