Creating a chart based on Volume and price

Hi There,


I have got the scripting module, and would like to create a chart, where the width of the bar is based on the volume, rather then on time, so for example, if I specify the volume of the bar to be 100,000, Then I would like to draw a new bar every 100,000 in volume, regardless of the time that has past. How would I go about doing this? I see the Rondinone Tool has a similar feature, but you are not able to specify the volume amount each bar is to be based on, instead the system is automatically deciding this based on the chart history.


Am really keen to work on this so I can start the charts via Optuma, as I am currently having to do this by hand, and it is very time consuming.


Many thanks


Hi Mario,

Unfortunately we have never built in any way to do this. Unless there is a lot of demand for it, I can not see us ever getting time to develop a feature like this. Variable width bars (like the Rondinone Chart) are extremely complex and take a lot of work.

All the best