Crosshair tool and drawing tools working on side by side charts

Is it possible, when charts of the same code but different time frames are used side by side, that the crosshair tool appears on both charts. Also, if for example, I draw a horizontal line on one chart it automatically draws on the other chart.

Hi Carolyn

You can find Cross Hair button on the left hand side of the Optuma window, mouse right click on the button to bring up the menu and select Track On All Charts. You can find more details on

Here is the image that shows the cross hair move on both charts.


You can quickly apply the Horizontal Line on the spot by press down [Alt] and mouse click on the chart.

After you apply the Horizontal Line on one chart, you can see the option [Add Line To Other Charts] under Actions. Click it and it will apply the Horizontal Line at the same price to all the charts.