Crypto Live pricing-- possible grassroots project among forum users


I am a trader of cryptos and I would love to have live intraday data coming into Optuma so I can use all my Gann & Astro tools on the low time frame charts, perhaps even code an ability to place orders etc…


The data is already out there, coming out free from most exchanges via API, I am not a coder and I have limited skills when it comes to database collection of streaming data and using apis… that being said there should be a solution out there to at least pull in data somewhat automatically into a csv file, preformatted for optuma, and again not ideally but at least allowing an update to the charts with a reload of the workbook after an update of the csv file…

With a python script there should some way to do this in a crude manner…

but would be even better if there was a module that could be loaded into optuma for different exchanges …much like Oanda that is already available…

Currently my method is to get data from coinbase for bitcoin pricing … I to use the free charting software Ninja Trader to connect to their live updated free price data connection with coinbase (they seem to have some free module built in… no user info required. They offer more than a year of minute data directly from the exchange servers) but the process is a longer than Id like it to be… I can export new data from the exchange into the csv file, then manually use excel to format it for optuma which takes quite a bit of tinkering really (i have it down to a 5 minute process)


Anyone have a better free solution? Or is there a way we can do this as a group in the forum (ive seen a lot of requests for live crypto data here)

EOD is just not enough for crypto in my opinion.


A nice script to pull data from a good source or exchanges directly and to automagically format it for optuma… or better??


Thanks for reading!


Hi Joseph,

You can connect to free Bitcoin realtime data from AxiTrader, as per these instructions:

They don’t give much intraday history but it will build on your system over time as Optuma caches the data. Alternatively, IQFeed provides realtime data for the Bitcoin futures @BTC#, with lots of history:


Thanks Darrin, however I did already know about this and also the IQfeed real time data available.

The unfortunate fact about these feeds is that they are not 24/7 (if I am wrong please let me know) and for trading crypto- in my opinion - you are really in need of 24/7 live data (not for CME futures but for live crypto exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance).

I’ll also add that I am still looking for someone to help create a script for pulling live data into properly formatted csv files using an exchange api.

Is this something that paying for a Optuma consultation may help me figure out? If so I would be interested in that definitely. I know it is not really 100% Optuma related which is why I didn’t think about going that route in the first place.

Thanks again!


Hello All,
As below
Thanks typos in first comment.

Hello All,
Just enquiring is there any update on getting other Alt coins ie .
YFI, Monero, Etheruim, Etheruim classic pegged against other XBT, Usd, Tether etc EOD data only understand if this is hard because of 24 hr data making it harder but I too would love to apply GPL And SQ9 to these charts as i don’t Like tradingview etc, I am a dedicated Optuma User!
Kind Regards

Hi Jaime,

See this video for cryptocurrency data options:

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