Crypto RRG comparison index

Hi there.

To plot a RRG of all cryptocurrencies I need to set the comparison index to a constant value of 1 as per the following articles:


From the second article:

"The way to “fix” the benchmark problem for currencies is to simply put in a static benchmark. A time-series that just holds the value “1.”

Doing this will skip the relative strength calculations or better said it will not change the relative strength values that the various currency pairs already are. And has such a symbol in its database; it is the ticker: $ONE"


Does Optuma have a symbol similar to $ONE above or could you please advise how to implement?


Much appreciated,


Hi Justin,

If you have the full RRG module available you can adjust the Comparison Type to Annual Rate of Return and adjust the value to 0.00% which would produce the same result.


If you are using RRG Lite, we don’t have a static index you can reference within our database, however you could build your own via a CSV file, import it into Optuma and use that as your reference index in the RRG properties.