Currency Conversion


I want create a Relative Comparison Chart using the S&P 500 in US$ and in Euro/US$.

Is it necessary to create a custom code for the S&P 500 in Euro/US$ or is there a “smarter” way that does the job?

The custom code would be: SPX:WI * EURUSD:FX



Hi Thomas,

In the next update to Optuma 1.5 you will be able to change the currency of the Relative Comparison chart, but it will show SPX in EUR only, not compared to SPX in USD (you would need to switch the currency control back to USD to see the comparison). Contact support if you would like access to the beta version now.

To compare the two on the same chart you would need to create a custom code using either your formula or the FX() function:


and make sure you set the Currency field in the Custom Code builder window to EUR.

Once created you will be able to plot SPX in US$ against SPX in EUR on the Relative Comparison Chart.