Curved Monitors

I am switching from a dual monitor setup and I'm looking at a 34 inch curved monitor. I was wondering if anyone has used a curved monitor with Optuma. I'm concerned that the charts might look a little strange.

Hi Edward,

The curved monitor should work great with Optuma. It shouldn’t make the charts look strange or affect anything negatively. We haven’t used one here, but I don’t see it being an issue.

Reuben V.

I recently acquired a 38" LG curved monitor and it is awesome with Optuma. Viewing over ten years of a candlestick chart in weekly resolution is quite a comfortable experience (I find that getting those macro visuals in a single shot is really helpful in understanding a market).

I actually find it relieving to have to move your focus slightly from side-to-side to see the information at the extreme left and right edges of the screen. This seems to be less fatiguing than continuously focusing on exactly the same spot all the time.

I also split the screen in two or even three with Optuma, Excel and other apps for super easy comparison and data swap, all in a high data resolution.

Well worth it in my opinion.