Data feed idea - Refinitive Eikon

Hi, I was thinking a really nice integration for Optuma would be Refinitive Eikon/Xenith. There is tons of reliable data that can be sourced from their system; things like short interest for equities are available too. It puts a small horizonal tool bar on the top of your screen that is a nice compliment as you can easily look up news and deeper research.


Hi Jeff,

I’ve looked at this a number of times but every time I ask for information from them, I get nothing. It is definately something I would like to get working but I have so many things on the boil that I usually move on to something else while I’m waiting for them.

I’ll have a look at it again later in the year.

All the best



MetaStock is the exclusive dealer of the retail version of Eikon, called Xenith. Although it may be a humbling phone call to make, I think if you reached out to them they would help get you the info you need to get started especially with the prospect of more data subscriptions due to more compatible software as I believe they are an income participant for that data feed. The Refinitve pro feeds are probably a similar structure as the retail ones I’m guessing for those who have them


Thanks Mathew,

What about the option to pull the MetaStock price data into Optuma, either legacy or current, from an offline storage created with the MS Downloader?
While I do get their live data, I’m more interested in using the EOD data for scans and backtesting.

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Hi Jerry,

You can click on “Data” -> then “Import Local Data” and select Metastock however it only reads the legacy format so you need to adjust to that setting in the DownLoader software.

data - import local data

There is a KB article on it here

I was wondering if there’s been any movement on the question of Refinitiv Eikon/Xenith as a source of data. Matthew, can you update me (us) on it?

Hi Mathew,

Eikon has an API:

Is this helpful?

Regards, Simon.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for that - I’ll pass them to one of our developers to have a look at.

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This would be an awesome Optuma feature.


Hi Mathew,

Access to the Refinitv database would be a really great addition to the FRED.

Both databases with all the “standard” analysis options of Optuma would allow the analyst/portfolio manager to create analyses of ALL kinds.

Thus, Optuma would become an analysis platform that would leave hardly anything to be desired., no matter what analysis direction one prefers.

Best wishes,

Yes, we have this on the schedule but no ETA yet. All our developers are busy on other projects.

Hi Mathew, are you able to please provide an update on the Refinitive Eikon data feed, and if there is an ETA on this one? Thank you.

Hi Simon,

No ETA at this stage. We are going to do a survey later this year to gain a better idea if there are enough people interested to kick this up the schedule.

I would dearly love to have it in there but it is not a trivial task and it gets further complicated that Refinitiv has been so hard to deal with.

If anything changes, I’ll update here.

All the best


Hi Mathew,

Wondering if you have had cause to review this one? If not, this may be relevant.

Reuters have sold the Eikon business to LSE. I have found LSE much easier to work with and more responsive.

Further LSE have undertaken a major upgrade and programming refinement to the platform. It has been relaunched as LSE Workspace (Eikon is now a legacy platform).

Further, LSE have a somewhat restricted version called Workspace Wealth - which offer much of the relevant price and quant data feeds for about $400 a month. The data is accessible via API.

Let me know if you would like an Australian contact there.

Oh, I was not aware of that one. This is great news and we will follow up.

Right now, all our development focus is finishing v1 of our web charting solution. So I have no ETA on an LSE connection but we will add it to the list for when we get some free resources to work on it.

If you had access to a developer, we have open-sourced a way of adding any datafeed to Optuma. Have them look at GitHub - OptDev/local-data: Node server example to interface with Optuma

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