Data for Gann Analysis

It would be great if you could include the entire data history of the major markets such as the DJIA, S&P 500, NASDAQ. This would allow testing the long-term applications and cycles of the excellent Gann tool in your programs. Since Gann analysis is using especially historical lows and highs it would be most helpful to have them included in the Gann application.

Thanks for considering the above, and many thanks for your always great support and your fantastic program.

Thanks Urs. This is the maximum history that we have available, with Dow Jones (DJI) back to 1900 and S&P500 to 1950. For Nasdaq Composite (COMPX) it looks like more is available so we’ll look at getting that added.

Also, note that if you can get older data from another source in text (.csv) format then it can be imported in to your copy of Optuma, as per these instructions:

Sorry for digging up an old post.

What is the code for the S&P back to 1950?

The code is SPX and can be found in the World Indices exchange.


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Is there any chance of Optuma sourcing the US Steel data (X) as this one was used quite a bit by Gann and it goes back to Feb 1901. IT would really be helpful to all Gann students, if we could manage to source this data. Would US Steel themselves have a record of the daily EOD?


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Hi Mario,

US Steel historical data (1901 - 1995 )is available from Auld Tyma Data.



The Auld Tyma at

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