Date Range - Include range of bars

After upgrading some of my Watch Lists the Date Range feature has become frustrating again.

I use various bar look backs (30, 40, 90 bars) for my analysis, but for each I have to create a script for a standard function (HIGH, LOW, etc). What is frustrating is there is a perfectly good date range selector in the Properties, but it is limited to a date range and if used has to be updated every day to move it forward to the range.

Any chance you could add another option that allows for the last (insert number) of bars or trading days?


Hi Ben,

Unfortunately that would be a massive amount of work since that loading system is used everywhere in Optuma. I’m sorry to say that unless there was a lot of demand for this I do not see it ever getting done.

Have you looked at using Watchlist Layouts with difference versions of your scripts? The times frames are kept in the layout, so you could have one set to Last Quarter and one to Last Month.

Have a look at these pages for watchlist layouts

All the best