Day Count improvement

Hi There,

The current Gann day count, does not allow you to actually show the day count for each day, week, year, rather it shows the cycle. For example, like Gann, I would like to start a count at a recent high. I would like to display the count from this point, showing daily increment each day. If I enter 1 in the count, then it just repeats 1,1,1,1,1,1,1, every day.

In addition, it would also be great if we could get calendar day and years count as well.


Many thanks


p.s great product!

Thanks Mario. The only way I can think of counting and labelling every bar sequentially is to use the Trading Day Intervals tool set to 1, and repeat Every Step, as per the attached (see also the Calendar Day Interval tool).

Note that we have a number of other counting tools, as described in this blog article:

Tools to help you measure price and time ranges