Double botton using RRG Lines


I'm trying to write a script to scan for double-bottom patterns and noticed that the patterns are easy to identify when using RRG Lines when the RRG Line is lower than the previous low and sometimes it is similar to divergence pattern. What property/method of RRG script do I need to use to check this. Do I need to check if RRG Line is below 85?


Hello, are you talking about the RRG "Ratio" line or the RRG "Momentum" line? I believe you need to designate which one (or both of these) in your script.

Exactly as Chad says - which line do you wish to use? For Ratio use the following, which will signal when it’s below 90 and turns up:

r1 = JDKRS(INDEX=CNX Nifty:NSE).Ratio;
r1 < 90 and r1 TurnsUp

For more on RRG scripting see here: Scripting Guide for RRGs

Thanks Darren & Chad.

My requirement is either Momentum or Ratio. As per the suggestion I'll try to use this script for the criteria.