Dow Swing (Script & Overlay)


Can you please add the ability to script Dow Swings?

Dow Swing is one of the trading methods taught by Dale Gillham of Wealth Within. Dale teaches students to use both Gann Swing and Dow Swing methods.

Dow Swings are similar to Gann Swing. In Dow Swing outside bars are ignored if they are within the trend.

They are useful because depending on the personality of the share, Dow Swing can sometimes work better than Gann Swing.

Addition of this feature would save having to back test manually.

It would also be nice to have a Dow Swing Overlay, just like the Gann Swing Overlay (GSO).

Regards, Lester


I’m not sure how many customers Optuma gets from Wealth Within, but I’m guessing it’s a reasonable number. A Dow Swing script command as suggested above would be a great addition to the Optuma scripting feature list.

In fact, there are few Wealth Within ideas that, if available as a script command, would make life easier. For example, a downtrend is (simplistically) comprised of three lower peaks and two lower troughs across a minimum 12 week period. A script command “DownTrend” with variables for “Lower Peaks”, “Lower Troughs” and “Elapsed Weeks” would be helpful to all, not just Wealth Within students/graduates.

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This feature of a Dow Swing Script / Overlay would also be appreciative.

Thank you.