DTN Back-Adjusted Data

Is there a way to have DTN data back adjusted for dividends and splits?

Hi Ed,

If you set Optuma as the end-of-day data provider for US Equities under Data > Exchanges then we will process split-adjustments automatically,


With us the data provider you will then also be able to change the chart to show Total Returns for dividend adjustments:


If you keep the EOD provider as IQFeed you would need to click Download History to get the adjusted data from DTN IQFeed, and you wouldn’t be able to see dividend adjustments.

Hi Darren,

my AAPL data is coming from Optuma as described above. When switching to unadjusted the low in 1985 shows 0.25 USD, whereas it was in the range of 14.xxx .

Any other setting to apply?

Thank you