Dynamic Excel Export

Is there a way that we can export a Watchlist and its content into Excel, and have it update the Excel file automatically with Optuma’s results? For instance, let’s say we have fundamental data within an Optuma Watchlist and we’d like to export on a daily basis the data from Optuma to Excel automatically, without having to create a new Excel file every time. This way, whatever spreadsheet we’ve created in Excel can have the updated fundamental data and be able to use it. Thanks.


We do not have the ability to update the data of the same Excel file each day without overwriting changes you’ve made.

The closest you could do requires the publishing module. You could setup a command line code that exports the data from a Watchlist each day (using Windows Scheduler) into an Excel format.

You could output to the same path and file name each day but it would replace any changes you made or added to the file.


Hi Fabien,

We’ve come up with a workaround for maintaining the Excel link. See the video here:

Dynamic Excel Link