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I have a small feature improvement recommendation to the “Eclipse” tool. Unfortunately in the Eclipse tool booth the function “Symbol Colour” and the function “Show Symbols” to display or not to display the symbols are missing.

In most other Astro tools this functions are available. To display all Astro tools in the same way it would be helpful to have the above mentioned two functions also available in the Eclipse tool.

If the efforts to make the changes are not so great it would be a good idea to make it.

Thanks again a lot for your efforts.


Hi Thomas,

Those options are not needed on this tool. It is only symbols, so it makes no sense to show/hide them when that can be done by adding/deleting the tool.

This tool also has separate Solar Colour and Lunar Colour to distinguish between the two types of Eclipses.

If there is a use case on this which I am not considering please let me know.

All the best


Hi Mathew,

thank you for your answer. The issue is a little bit more - let say - “complex”.

I have attached two screen shots:

a) - With Current Eclipse Settings.png

b) - Current Planetary Aspects Settings.png

As you can see, I have coloured the Solar and Lunar Eclipses with the same colour. I know of course that I can choose for both different colours. But in regard to the stock market, the influence of a Solar or Lunar Eclipse is, as I have observed, the same. Therefore I have chosen the same colour.

In the second screen shot I have a simple planetary aspect displayed.

What I want is that the colours of the planetary symbols of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses can be changed so that it looks the same way as the colours in the planetary aspect settings.

My recommendation is ONLY an optical issue, so all charts have the same look although there are different planetary signatures displayed.

Concerning the possibility to show or not to show the eclipse symbols is a more sensitive issue. If you show someone a chart with the vertical bars of the eclipses, they would say “Oh that looks great”. But if that person sees the sun or lunar symbol they would repeat: “What is this, has this something to do with the sun or moon, and if so I am not interested in this analysis”.

Therefore it would be good to hide the Solar and Lunar Eclipse symbols. When the symbols are hidden, I can say this an advanced cycle analysis approach and I will not disclose how it is done.

I know, this is a stupid argumentation but that is how the world works.

I hope I have clarified the issue. If you have any questions please let me know.

Thanks a lot


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for that - I can see the issue but can not promise a speedy response as 1.5 is locked for release.

What I would suggest is that you add a ShowBar tool and set the script to ECL(ECLIPSE=Solar)

Then you can change the display from Arrows to Lines and set the width and transparency.

Once you have it all the way you like it, save it to the tool bar (see so you can get it easily.

NOTE: This is not showing events in the future but that is something that I see as a bug and will get that actioned straight away.

All the best




Hi Thomas,

Further to Mathews earlier reply, if you use the script in a Show View, set the display type to Shaded Step and move it to sit on the chart itself, this setup will project the lines past the last bar…