Error message

When loading Optuma I keep getting the attached error message and Optuma won’t load any further. Leading up to this happening I had a power outage and my computer shutdown unexpectedly. To try and fix the problem I have uninstalled and reinstalled Optuma with no resolution. Any hints? Thanks.

Hi Bill,

Please try the following process:

  1. Close Optuma
  2. Open the following folder on your system.


If you have difficulty locating this directory it could be setup as a hidden folder, the following link will provide information on how to view hidden folders in Windows:

  1. Once you have located this directory you will find your data folders, located beneath the data folders will be your index files. Please delete all files that are located beneath the data sub folders (but not the folders themselves).


  1. After removing the index files, restart Optuma and updated index files will be automatically downloaded.

If that does not resolve the issue please contact the support team: [email protected]