Fib Extensions

With the current Gann swing overlay, it currently displays price retracements %'s


Is it possible as per image to provide a calculation for price extension %'s, as with intraday trading they are crucial for potential turning points.

When the retracement % is over 100% it is now an extension and the calculation should change and be reflected in the Gann Swing Overlay.


Please see image attached for example





Hi David,

A price extension would be a simple thing for us to add to the tool. We’ll add that to Optuma 1.6 which will be out towards the middle of the year.

All the best


Hi Matthew


That is great news


Just confirming that we will be able to have a retracement % and extension % on every swing


Thanks Matthew







Further to this… could we search/scan/calculate when an AB-CD move is say 100%(+/-x%) AND is within x% of say, a 50% retracement of a larger or one timeframe higher move?

Hi George,

You can already do that wirh scripting - a quick search of this forum found this post

All the best


Thanks Mathew, yes that script will give me a 50% or 60% etc retracement, but it won’t tell me if we have accomplished the retracement as an ABC measured move(approx), which was what I was after