Filter multiple signals

Hi, I have written a script that shows when the BUY situation I’m looking for has occurred.

The script produces many signals and I’m looking for a way to filter out the ones that occur prior to another script, in this case my SELL signal.

In the image, the yellow line shows the BUY signal and the green shaded area shows the SELL signal. I’d like to be able to filter out the BUY signal of 4/12/2023 as it occurs prior any SELL signal.

I’ve tried NOREPEAT and OFFSET with no success. Any ideas much appreciated!!

Hi Kim,

Have you tried the SIGNALAFTER() function?

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Hi Darren,

I had tried SIGNALAFTER, but had another look after your suggestion.

Not sure what I was doing with it last time, but my new version appears to be working perfectly!!!

Thanks you so much, this has been a pain for a long time.



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