Folders without an Icon


if the user adds a folder to the toolbar, the folder has an icon that can be changed but not removed. So it is not possible to have a folder in the toolbar WITHOUT an icon.

When adding a tool to the toolbar it is possible to check the check box "Hide Icon" in the "Tools Properties" menu and the tool in the toolbar has no icon. But this check box "Hide Icon" is missing in the "Folder Properties" menu. The folder has always an icon, there is no way to "remove" the icon only to change it.

Even if you set in the "global" toolbar setting "Button Style" "Text Only" the folder has its icon. If you set the "Button Style" to "Icon Only" the text of the folder is gone and only the folder's icon is shown.

So I want ask that it is possible that folders in the toolbar can be shown as "Text Only" without an icon.

In my opinion the toolbar with folders that have no icons looks "smarter". It would look like having an customizable extended toolbar with pull down menus.

Thanks again.