Function to Get stocks in an Index or Sector

Hi guys, is there a function to retrieve stock codes from a particular sector or index. eg. I would like to return all codes that are in the ASX200 that are also in the Finance sector or vv?



Hi Evan,

There is no script funciton that does this.

To achieve the result you are after in Optuma there are two ways to do it. The first is to find a source that provides a list of sector constituents in a CSV file and import that list into Optuma:

The other option requires you have access to Optuma Symbol Lists and ASX Fundamental data on your account. If you do you can open a Watchlist of the ASX Top 200 via the Optuma symbol list. You can then add a column for Sector to the Watchlist and order the codes by that column.


Tick all of the codes that are in the Financials sector, then use the Open List As icon open a new Watchlist for just those codes.


Thanks Matthew, I can make something from your feedback.



You can also download the ASX Sector workbook from here and open on your computer, although it is a few months out of date: