Has there been a change to Data catagories?

Hey Team,
I logged in to Optuma this morning and many of charts had “missing data” from the ASX listed stocks I trade.

As I go through the data list, I see the likes of ANZ listed under the Sydney Futures Exchange, but there is no category for the ASX anymore… has it always been like this and I just have not noticed?


Hi Marcus,

We haven’t made any changes like that to the ASX data, so one thing to try is to close your workbook and click on Data > Exchanges > ASX Shares and click Download Index File. Once complete, reopen the workbook. If you still have issues click on File > Export Workbook and attach the .owb file to an email to [email protected] and we’ll investigate.

Hey Darren,

Downloading the Index File has cured the problem. I’ll remember that fix for next time should it arise.