Help uninstalling Optuma on tablet


There’s no right-click Uninstall option on the Optuma icon. So I went to the Program Files folder and found Uninstall.exe. When I ran it I got the attached error followed by being thrown out. The tablet install has never worked properly.

Any clues as to how to navigate this dead end?




Exactly same issue here, need to uninstall and re-install Optuma but can’t get uninstaller to work. Tried compatability mode - no good.


You can uninstall any program via the Windows Settings (Apps & Features).

What tablet do you have? Make sure Optuma is able to be installed by running this system test on the tablet:

I wanted to confirm that installing the Optuma software on an iPad tablet is not possible, is this correct? Thank you!

Correct - Optuma is a Windows-only program and cannot be installed on an iPad.