High Crosses above signal bar


My primary signal is when 7 day rsi crosses above 70. The entry is when the high of that signal bar is crossed. I have coded as below but it dosent seems to be working. Can any one please help.

v1=rsi(BARS=7) CrossesAbove 70; 
v3=high() CrossesAbove v2; 


The V1 line of your script is a Boolean, meaning the result will oscillate between 0 and 1. Because of that V2 would be producing a value no higher than 1. V3 then looks at the High price of the chart itself, and looks for instances where it is crossing above 1, so in most cases won’t produce any results.

If i’m reading your setup correctly, you want to know the high of the chart when the RSI crosses above 70, the trigger is then when the chart value crosses above that high? If that is right, the following script will work:

//Set RSI Cross
V1 = RSI(BARS=7) CrossesAbove 70;
//Set Chart High
V2 = HIGH(); 
//Find Charts High Value at RSI Cross
//Find when High crosses above High at RSI Cross
V2 CrossesAbove V3

If you are after something different you’ll need to post a few screen shot examples highlighting the setup you’re trying to identify.