Highest High for Rolling 52 week periods

We’ve had requests for more control over the Highest high function so that it can look back over rolling periods. Remember that you can use Higher Time Frames to achieve the same thing. When we get HTF data, it is exactly like we changed the time frame on the chart.

​If you are looking for the High of the past year / quarter / month etc then we just need to get that data. From there you just work with the High(var)
eg. You can paste this script into a Show Plot tool.

y1 = YEAR();
m1 = MONTH();

plot1 = High(y1);
plot1.Colour = red;

plot2 = High(y1)[1];
plot2.Colour = Blue;

​In this script i’m not using the Q1 and M1 - you can play with them later. To show the year values I have a red line for “this” year’s high and a blue line set to last year’s high. If I wanted the high from 2017 i’d have


for 2 years back.

​so a monthly breakout of the previous year would be

y1 = YEAR();
m1 = MONTH();

m1 CrossesAbove y1[1]

​Hopefully that helps.

​All the best


That's great, so much flexibility now I understand the concept. As mentioned previously, I'm new to Optuma and whilst the videos are great, there's so much power here it's difficult to get one's head around it. Other than the Knowledge Base, is there somewhere that shows all the available functions and a short (or long) description? An alphabetic list would be great!!

Hi Steven,

We do have a list at this page https://help.optuma.com/kb/faq.php?id=714 although it does need to be udpated for the new functions that are coming.

All the best


That's a great list Mathew, just what I wanted!!

As some hopefully useful feedback, and I didn't go through every page to check so apologies if it's already there, it would be helpful to newbies like me to have a link to that page on the Knowledge Base home page.

It'd be brilliant, although admittedly a long and boring job, if the "Name", or a "More Info", was also a link to the Knowledge Base page.

Thanks again for all the help, very much appreciated.

Hi Steven,

Yes, that’s a great idea. We are actually looking into a better listing which will link to specific KB articles and videos when they exist for a function. Ideally we also have a help option in the script editor so you can get documentation from there too.

All the best