How do I print charts to scale

Hi There

I am trying to print out my charts to an exact scale - where major scale box is approximately 1 inch. How can I set this scale so it prints out to the correct measurements when I print out my charts. For example 8 months (1/8 inch) would appear across 2 major scales, and would measure 1 inch once printed out on paper.

So when printed I would see 4 months per 1/2 inch, or 8 months per inch on a monthly chart, see below screenshot as an example.



Also is it then possible to print out a large chart over several A4 pages which print to the define scale, without needing to manually try and select each part of the chart? When I push print now, it prints what I see on the screen into a PDF, so would need to start at the beginning of the chart and effectively print, then move manually to the next part of chart and print again. Am sure I saw somewhere this could be done, but I cant seem to find it now.


Thanks a mil



Hi Mario,

The old Wall Charts module has been added to your account, which will be available when you next log in. However, please note that it is not currently supported, and is due to be upgraded later this year. For more information see here:

Wall Chart Mode

Awesome, thank you Darren, have had a look and it seems to be working, so I can not print out Gann Charts :slight_smile:

Hi Darren,

The wall chart is a great tool, it has printed out the chart perfectly to the exact scale, thank you!