How to calculate the pivot point for the 1st year of a new listed security

Hi there,

Pivot tool is a very useful tool to identify the entry and exit point in the trading system.

My intention is to calculate the pivot point tool based on the first year data and use it in the watchlist. But i don’t know how to write the script to use the data of the first year.

Can anyone help me with that, thank you.



You may need to refine this further, but the following example should give you an example to build from:

//Set First Date
V1 = FIRST(BARDATE()) + 365;
//1 Year After First Date
V2 = BARDATE() ;
V3 = V2 == V1;
//Set Pivot Value
V4 = PIVOTS(PIVOTS=Monthly);
//Find Pivot Value 1 Year after first bar

This is using a Monthly pivot tool, and finding the value 1 year after the first bar of the chart. For it to work on a Watchlist you would need to change the WL Date Range property to Everything.


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Thank you Matthew,

I am able to get the value now with your guidance by using the first function. And i will check the info regarding those function in the knowledge base.

It’s my fault that i might caused some confusion here. Cause I use only the first calender year for the calculation. Industry money generally are more interested in those points. So, knowing those level could be profitable in the trading.

Thank you again for the help.