Import Local Data

Happy New Year Optumates!

Question about local data and adding custom names.

I can import data without any problems but I want to change the “Name” of the ticker from the file name. Example:


DGS2 is the symbol from FRED for “2 Yr Treasury”. I want the code to be DGS2 and the name to be “2 Yr Treasury”. How can I do this?

I have experimented with (cannot figure out how to add image to this new forum) right-click on data source and select “Import codes from CSV”.

If you can point me to detailed examples I will appreciated it.

Thanks. Andy

Aside: this forum is very difficult to use and I cannot figure out how to attach an image which would make the request much easier to convey and understand.

Hi Andy

We’re working on a way to make it easier to attach images to the forum posts. I’ll reply back here once we have something in place.

Hi Andy

The forum will now allow you attach images and a specific list of Optuma related file types to the forum now. Look for the “Attachments” section below where you create your post (see attached image). You can add up to four attachments per post/reply with a maximum file size of 1MB (1024KB)